Forming a company in USA is one of the options when an enterprise decides to expand its business to the international market. Because the US is a large market with strong consumption, there are many opportunities as well as challenges that attract countless businesses to participate in. Understanding the needs and difficulties of Vietnamese businesses that are looking to build a foundation abroad, Global Brand was born to assist businesses in forming companies in USA



Step 1: Receive information from your business

Global brand will receive information about preliminary needs of customers. Our professional team will conduct an analysis of this information, thereby making suggestions to help the process of forming the company to be operated in the most effective way.

Step 2: Consult and quote services

We will consult, discuss, and agree with our customers about the decisions on the establishment of the company: choose the establishment state, select the type of company, etc. and find the most optimal solution as well as the best cost to the customer.

Step 3: Pay and sign the contract and authorization letter.

After making payment, Global brand will send you the authorization letter of forming a company. This is the basis for Global brand to take the next steps

Step 4: Complete and submit the application

Customers need to send the required documents to Global Brand in order to conduct the process of establishing companies and related services.

Step 5: Return the business documents to customers

After the company has been established and tax records, bank accounts, etc. are received, we will hand it back to you as soon as possible.

Step 6: Solving the issues related to the services performed

After completing the service, we will continue to provide answers and advice to customers on issues related to the services performed.


Frequently asked questions

  • There are no documents required to start your business in USA. You just need to answer our intake questions. We will take care of the rest. You will only be required to sign, scan, and email a form that will allow us to get an EIN for your USA business. This can be done through email.

  • Processing time for forming a U.S. company vary among the different states and change constantly depending on the workload at the state office. If you’re a non-US resident, it takes one day to register your Wyoming LLC. Then after your LLC is registered, it takes two weeks to get your EIN. This is the fastest time the IRS takes to assign and mail the assigned EIN for non-U.S. citizens. So the entire process takes about two weeks. If you’re a US resident, the processing time to get the LLC or S-Corporation formed depends on the state where we will be forming the company. Please check with us for the exact timeline.

  • You should form your LLC in the state in which you have physical presence. For example, if you’ll be operating your business in California, then we should form your LLC in California. However, if you do not plan to have physical presence in USA (meaning that you’ll operate solely from outside the US), then it’s best to form your LLC in Wyoming, the best and most business-friendly state for non-US residents.

  • By registering a US company, you get the following benefits:

    LLC gives you access to open a US bank account

    LLC makes it easier to accept payments from US clients

    LLC protects your personal assets from business debts and lawsuits. which means that if something happens to your business, then your personal assets such as personal bank account, car, and home will be protected. Hence, the first thing successful entrepreneurs do is form an LLC.

  • Once you become our client, we will personally review your answers to make sure we’re setting up your LLC or corporation in the correct state (the state where you’re conducting business if you’re a US resident or Wyoming if you’re a non-US resident). Then we will do all of the filing for you and will be in contact with you via email (or phone if necessary) to complete your filings and provide you with all of the documents.

  • No, you do not need a US address to form your business in the US. You can provide an international mailing address where you will be able to receive your EIN. We provide Registered Agent service that is the only state requirement related to physical address. Our Registered Agents service allows you to form an LLC in the US.

  • Yes, EIN service is included in our service. EIN is a business tax ID necessary to help you open your US business bank account and comply with the IRS. The EIN application form has to be signed by what the IRS calls a “Responsible Party,” someone who controls, manages, or directs the business. After we prepare your EIN application, we will email you your EIN application for you to review and sign. After you sign and scan and email it back to us, we will file it with the IRS. It typically takes the IRS two to three weeks to assign and mail you your EIN to your mailing address.

  • Generally, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of a company formed in the US. The procedure for a foreign citizen to form a company in the United States is the same as for a US resident. It is not necessary to be a US citizen or to have a green card to own an LLC or in the US

  • To receive pass-through profit distributions, a foreign citizen can form an LLC. In contrast, for a corporation, all profit distributions (dividends) made by a C corporation are subject to double taxation. Under US tax law, a nonresident alien may own shares in a C corporation, but may not own any shares in an S corporation. For this reason, most foreign citizens form an LLC instead of a corporation.

  • A foreign citizen may be a corporate officer and/or director, but may not work in the United States or receive a salary or compensation for services provided in the United States unless the foreign citizen has a work permit (either a green card or a special visa) issued by the United States. Some work permits allow a foreign citizen to work only for a sponsoring employer. Such work permits generally do not enable a foreign citizen to also work for a new, unrelated company formed by the foreign citizen. The foreign citizen would need to obtain a separate work permit to work for the new company. You can own a business but unless you have a work visa, you are not allowed to work for your company in the US (You can work for your company in your country)



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