Information security policy

GLOBAL BRAND is committed to providing customers with the best service and solutions. Moreover, we always put the prestige, quality and trust of our customers first. Therefore, the security of customer information is also part of our responsibility. During the working process, GLOBAL BRAND follows the following privacy policies:

Thu thập thông tin – Collecting Information

The company collects customer information including: Email, phone, company name (if any), address. This is the essential information that GLOBAL BRAND needs customers to provide when registering to use the service to ensure the benefits for customers.

In the working process, all information provided for the service package which you have chosen is committed to complete confidentiality.

During payments and transactions, our company only keeps information related to the services that customers have paid for. We guarantee the information about the customer’s account number will not be disclosed.

Customers are solely responsible for all confidentiality and storage of service information under the registered name, password via email (Email).

In the course of using the service, customers are responsible for notifying GLOBAL BRAND about illegal acts, abuses, violating the privacy rights from third parties for timely handling measures.


Scope of using customer information

GLOBAL BRAND uses your information to serve the following purposes:

Consulting, providing, introducing service packages to customers

Send marketing emails, announce promotions on GLOBAL BRAND’s services

Conducting a public/office formation, Trademark application, … depending on the type of service that you require. Because it is a specific service, we are obliged to obtain information related to the establishment of companies and products of our customers; All information collected from customers is completely used for the mutual work of both parties.

Deliver electronic invoices according to the information that customers provide

Send notices of service exchange activities between the company and customers

Limit and prevent vandalism or impersonation

Timely contact with customers in case of special circumstances

Information storage term

After finishing the service, the information of customers will be stored for 2 years. Or by the time the customer requests the cancellation, customers are entitled to check our cancellation of your information.

In case customers want GLOBAL BRAND to cancel information, please contact us via the address:

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Nếu khách hàng phát hiện ra phía chúng tôi sử dụng thông tin của khách hàng để cung cấp cho bên thứ ba, hãy khiếu nại trực tiếp thông qua hotline của công ty. Chúng tôi có trách nhiệm, nghĩa vụ giải quyết các vấn đề liên quan đến bảo mật thông tin cho khách hàng và xem xét các trường hợp phát sinh ngoài ý muốn.

If the customer finds out that we use his or her information to provide to a third party, file a complaint directly through the company’s hotline. We have the responsibility and obligation to resolve issues related to information security for customers and to consider cases of unintended arising.

Method of customer information security


  • The company will keep the personal information of customers confidential in an appropriate and safe manner. Avoid unauthorized acts, disclosing and modifying information without the permission of the owner.
  • GLOBAL BRAND is responsible for notifying and receiving customer consent before transferring services to third parties when necessary. Besides, it is necessary to ensure that they have safe and beneficial policies for customers.


Privacy Statement

Customer information will be absolutely confidential. Collection and use of information are carried out only with the permission of the customer.

Do not use, transfer or provide any information to third parties without the consent of customers.

We will provide some basic information such as phone number, name, address in case of courier paperwork, service contracts.

When a hacker attacks the server / or any other reason leads to the user losing data, we will be responsible for reporting to the customer, supporting timely processing.

Keep customer information absolutely confidential on online transactions.

When using our services, customers have to provide complete and accurate information necessary and legally responsible for such information. GLOBAL BRAND will not be held responsible, resolve related issues if the customer information provided during the service contract signing process is incorrect!

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