Are you a Vietnamese enterprise with the goal of developing the market to the US? Are you having a representative office in the US to facilitate market research, sign commercial contracts, act as a bridge between the parent company in Vietnam and and its subsidiaries in the US? But still you do not know the the procedures for the company to legally operate under US law, or you do not have enough manpower to perform the management of the US company in the long term. Contact Global Brand immediately to use our US Corporate Management Service. Depending on the objective of the fair, there will be a list of product listing rules. But generally, according to regulations, the following goods are not allowed for display: Goods and services that are banned or restricted from trading and not permitted for circulation as prescribed by law. Goods and services supplied by foreign traders that are banned from import according to the provisions of law. Counterfeit goods and goods that are considered as infringing intellectual property rights, except for cases that compares with genuine goods.



Frequently asked questions

  • If you would like to make changes to your original Articles of Incorporation (Corporation) or Articles of Organization (LLC), then filing an amendment with the state of formation will be required.

    Articles of Amendment can be filed to:

    – Change the name of your company.

    – Change the number and type of authorized shares. *

    – Change the business purpose of your company.

    – Change officers, directors and/or members listed on your initial formation documents

    (NOTE: changing officers, directors and shareholders may not require an amendment, simply filing an early “Annual Report” might be sufficient, contact us for clarification).

    Change any other information on your original formation paperwork.

    * Changing the number and value of shares may affect the state filing fee, please contact Global Brand before ordering so we can verify this with you.

    Global Brand can file your Amendment in any state!

  • After you’ve incorporated your business or formed an LLC, many states require an annual (or biennial: every 2 years) filing to keep them updated with your current Registered Agent, Officers/Directors and/or Members Names and Addresses. The filing is called by different names: Annual Report, Annual List, Statement of Information or similar. This filing will be required in both the state where your company is incorporated or organized as well as any states where your company is “foreign qualified” to do business. Not filing your Annual Report by the due date (see below) can subject your company to late fees or even administrative dissolution. 

    Global Brand can file your Annual Report in any state!

    NOTE: You must place your order with us at least 10 calendar days before your Annual Report is due (check your state’s due date below). If you are unsure of your company’s current status or if you think you’ve missed the deadline to file your Annual Report, please fill this short form so we can research your company’s status.

  • An Apostille is a certification from a US Federal or State government that allows a document from that office to be accepted in any of the countries that have signed the Apostille Convention. Basically, it’s the international version of having a document “notarized” so you can use it in other countries. 

    If you intend to open a bank account in your country or if a local company or government office will require proof of the formation of your US Corporation or LLC, you may need to have the Corporation or LLC formation documents certified with an “Apostille” or “Certificate of Authentication”.

    An Apostille can only be obtained if your country is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention (list available here). If your country is not a member, then your country may require a “Certificate of Authentication” from either the State where your Company is formed or the US State Department (or both).

    Global Brand can obtain your Apostille (or obtain a “Certificate of Authentication”) in any state!

  • A Certificate of Good Standing (also known as a “Certificate of Status” or “Certificate of Existence”) is a document issued by the State that verifies:

    – The company exists in State Records.

    – It is currently authorized to do business in that State.

    – The company is current with all fees, taxes and other filings.

    A Certificate of Good Standing may be needed to:

    – Open a business bank account.

    Foreign Qualify a company in another state.

    – Obtain financing or enter into a contract.

  • Certified Copies are actual copies of your corporate or LLC documents filed with the State — certified as authentic and correct by the State filing office.

    A Certified Copy may be needed to:

    – Replace lost or stolen corporate documents.

    Foreign Qualify a company in another state.

    – Satisfy internal company record-keeping rules.

    Global Brand can obtain a Certified Copy from any state!

  • All corporations and LLCs are required to keep a company “minute book”. Organize your new or existing company the right way with the best in Corporate Kits.

    These attractive, custom-made kits are invaluable in keeping your Corporate Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Stock Certificates and records organized properly and efficiently.

    Includes: Company name gold-embossed on spine, 3-ring binder, slipcase, 20 Stock Certificates (or Member Certificates), Corporate or LLC seal (with engraved company name) , sample Bylaws (or Operating Agreement) and Minutes, Stock Transfer Ledger (or Member Ledger) and mylar-coated index tabs.



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