Terms of using the service

Terms of using the service at GLOBAL BRAND

Thank you for trusting and choosing to use the services at GLOBAL BRAND. When using the services provided by GLOBAL BRAND, customers need to comply with a number of company regulations. We make the following provisions to affirm the role and responsibility of each customer in ensuring the best quality of service.

Note: In the process of project implementation, customers need at least one individual (directly or indirectly authorized) to be responsible for monitoring, providing information and accepting projects; and this individual must be aware of these rules.

Terms of using the service to customers

Customers need to provide all the information and data that GLOBAL BRAND requires to conduct registration or establishment (depending on the service that customers use).

Customers work closely, provide sufficient information, papers, etc. on schedule to quickly complete the project.

Make sure to pay the contract fees on time.

Implement fully and accurately the content agreed by the two parties. If the customer violates the contract, the customer will take the responsibility (otherwise, we will also be responsible for violating the contract).

Do not sign contracts equivalent to other organizations until the end of the contract term with our company.

Customers do not arbitrarily change information or conduct activities that affect the progress or efficiency of the project without any discussion between the two parties. If the customer violates this condition, we will not be responsible if the registration/establishment occurs malfunction that the cause comes from the customer’s activities. If the customer changes the content, affecting our process, he or she is responsible for the cost of troubleshooting.

During the contract period, if the registration/establishment process goes wrong without our intended practices, we will not guarantee the project completion time. On the contrary, if these errors are on GLOBAL BRAND, we will take full responsibility as signed in the contract. For objective reasons, both will negotiate and come up with the most suitable solution to solve the problem.

Customers comply with the terms of the contract signed.

Responsibilities and commitments of GLOBAL BRAND

During the implementation of the service, we are responsible for updating the progress for customers to follow, and all must comply with the signed content which is not contrary to the law.

Commit to keep all customers’ information confidential.

For company management services, we will ensure on-time progress and efficiency, if we do not complete the tasks during the month, we will not receive payment for that month. And start working on it until we reach effective results and tasks according to the agreement, then we will get the contract costs.

GLOBAL BRAND ensures a system of support, response, consult and customer care for free in many different forms: Email, phone, offline or online consult.

The regulations of using GLOBAL BRAND service have been mentioned clearly as above, customers need to read and consider carefully to ensure your rights and understand your responsibilities. This will also make the service process easier and faster.



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