Global Brand specializes in providing trade promotion services for businesses. By understanding the industry, working environment, business locations and relevant state management agencies, Global Brand provides trade promotion services for Vietnamese investors entering the United States and vice versa.


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Frequently asked questions

    • Providing information
    • Encouraging demand
    • Differentiate products
    • Appreciate the value of products
    • Stabilize Sales
    • Promotion
    • Commercial advertisement
    • Display and introduce goods and services
    • Fairs, trade shows
    • Organizing showrooms for businesses to register to display and introduce exported products.
    • Becoming a bridge, intermediary among businesses
    • Supporting information by building a website; Providing information on the domestic market and new legal documents.
    • Organizing foreign market survey teams
    • Introducing or organizing (or coordinating to organize) international fairs, creating opportunities for agencies and enterprises of the partner countries to exchange and promote the purchase and sale of goods and services.
    • Organizing training programs on how to access foreign markets and build skills.
    • Attaching the advertising logo on the website
  • Trade fairs/exhibitions are trade promotion activities concentrated at a certain time and place for traders to display and introduce goods and services with the purpose of promoting and seeking opportunities to acquire contracts of goods purchase, sale and service contracts.

    Trade fairs/exhibitions held in the US must be registered and confirmed by the state management agencies in cities where trade fairs and exhibitions are held.


  • Depending on the objective of the fair, there will be a list of product listing rules. But generally,

    according to regulations, the following goods are not allowed for display:


    • Goods and services that are banned or restricted from trading and not permitted for circulation as prescribed by law.
    • Goods and services supplied by foreign traders that are banned from import according to the provisions of law.
    • Counterfeit goods and goods that are considered as infringing intellectual property rights, except for cases that compares with genuine goods.






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