Financial management and building customer trust are common problems for SMEs, especially when they intend to enter USA marketplace. One useful solution for those problems is virtual office, which helps develop company prestige and customer trust.






Step 1: Collecting data and consulting about setting up Virtual office in USA

We will collect information about your parent company in Viet Nam and provide proper advices for your Virtual office location, and a suitable type of business

Step 2: Examined by both the parties involved.

Contracts will be compiled by Global Brand and examined by both side. If everything passes the requirements, we’ll conclude to sign the contract.

Step 3: We will fulfill the needs of the registration application form to meet the requirements of the USA laws and regulations.

We’ll fulfill the registration application that meet requirements of USA laws and regulations.

Step 4: It’s ambiguous and unclear, I can’t seem to comprehend the meaning here!

Global Brand represents your company to handle business registration procedure at all state.

Step 5: Handing over the result

As soon as receiving business registration result, we’ll hand over documents related to the US Virtual office to clients.


Frequently asked questions

  • Usually, a virtual office is a wonderful temporary choice for businesses who are successfully registered as a corporation in the U.S., establishing presence in the U.S. to create the first potential customers, avoiding complicated paperwork and fees when establishing a physical representative office in the U.S.

  • Yes. When registering for this program online, you will have the chance to choose your local telephone and fax number connected with your company

  • Yes. The negotiation is 3 months at that moment and will automatically extend in the period of three months unless otherwise notified of annulment by document at least 30 days before the expiration date of the contract.

  • Yes but not at all locations. At a specific listed location, an available conference room will give you a certain hourly fee. Other locations are established as a postal center, where employees can receive mails and packages on your behalf but these locations will not provide conference or meeting room for you to meet or greet your customer

  • Yes, our professional receptionist will answer your call live, using your company’s name, from monday to friday, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. After many hours, your call will be answered by your company’s voicemail

  • After you register for a virtual office, you will give us a description of your requirements. Global Brand will send you messages on your phone through email, SMS, fax or phone calls. Your mail can be kept at our place and received at a designated spot; every day, week, or month. If you want us to forward your mail to your home address or any other location, we can do that, global brand will handle the most important business mails according to your specific requirements.

  • Yes. After completing the registration, all you need to do is show us your position and how you want your calls to be answered and received. Our receptionist will answer all your call by personalized greetings and forward them to any location (including cell phones). If you want to switch your number directly to another number and skip the receptionist, we can also do that.

  • There are two ways you can you use the current company phone number:

    Setting up forwarding calls from current receivers to your chosen number with Global Brand’s virtual office (this process can be done right away)

    Transferring your current company’s number from the receiver to your home phone providing Global Brand’s virtual office (this process will take about 10 working days)

  • Yes, you can choose any position we use as address as your company’s mailing address. We also provie mail forwarding service, the place we will forward your mail to a new address will be decided later for your privacy

    You can choose as many locations as you want. We also provide supplementary services at chosen locations, where you can use conference rooms and private parking lots.

  • Yes, forwarding available mail and adjustable to your needed, every day, every week,…You will be charged postal fee or suitable transportation fee. Forwarding mail can start as soon as your account is activated

  • Some customers have to provide registered office address (for example: they need a reputable address), the remaining needed thing is a contact address, for example: to receive mail regularly and trustworthy because they live or work long-term in a foreign country

  • For example, accounting, legal, translation, interpretation, car rental (with driver), tax consultancy services. Our purpose is to meet any requirement or desire you have about virtual office.

  • Of course, with certain terms and conditions, Global Brand is ready to grow along with your company. When your company reach the peak of success and ready with a physical office space, the transformation process is very easy and smooth. Your telephone number and address will be the same making things easier. Our receptionist and customer service are ready to help you at that time.



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